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Volunteer program

Making meaningful moments

At Kensington Health, volunteers are an integral part of Kensington's culture and play an important role in the lives of people we support. Each volunteer plays an essential role in enhancing the healthcare experience for every person in our Kensington community.

Kensington's volunteer program encompasses our hospice, our long-term care home and our community care and ambulatory services. There are volunteer and skills development opportunities across the different branches of Kensington Health.

What’s in it for you?

You will enjoy many benefits from volunteering at Kensington Health:

  • Advance your career: Learn valuable job skills and gain useful and diverse work experience in your areas of interest. There are many volunteer roles at Kensington from which to choose.
  • Increase your social and relationship skills: Meet people in your area of interest and build lasting friendships.
  • Bring fun and fulfilment to your life: Helping others kindles happiness, as many studies have demonstrated.
  • Help others in need: You will feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction by helping those in need.

When volunteering at Kensington, it is important that you understand what is required on a personal level:

  • You have a desire to help others.
  • You are sensitive to the special needs of older adults and those at their end-of-life, as well as their families.
  • You are open to others who may have different values, beliefs and ways of living.
  • You are willing to commit yourself to the training and to the volunteer responsibilities required.

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