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Application process

Start with the Local Health Integration Network

If you are interested in applying to long-term care in Toronto, you must do so through the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC-LHIN). The TC-LHIN is a government agency that works with people of all ages to ensure they can make informed choices about their care.

Learn more about how to start your long-term care application.

Process for applying to long-term care

1. A person who wishes to be admitted to long-term care (or a representative on their behalf) contacts the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TC-LHIN).

2. If the TC-LHIN deems the person eligible, the applicant or representative is asked to identify their five homes of choice.

3. During the selection process, the applicant or representative is encouraged to tour the homes of choice. 

4. When a room becomes available in one of the five homes, the TC-LHIN will issue an offer to the applicant or representative.

5. If the applicant or representative accepts the offer, the TC-LHIN will begin to coordinate the details of admission with the applicant and the home.


Contact the TC-LHIN at 416-506-9888 or toll-free at 1-866-243-0061.

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