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Residents' council

Let's work together

Residents' Council is a way for individuals living at Kensington to use their talents, to advocate, to work as a group, and to speak with one voice. There are 30 residents who make up the Residents’ Council at Kensington Gardens, and together they work towards the following goals:

  • Safeguarding the rights of residents and promoting quality of life
  • Providing a forum for residents to have input and to advocate on their collective behalf 
  • Providing the residents with a voice in decisions that affect them
  • Establishing two-way communication between the residents and staff
  • Establishing a formal mechanism to communicate concerns to the administration for intervention and resolution
  • Providing a means of mutual support for Residents' Council members, which extends to new residents in the home
  • Establishing a sense of community, comradeship and friendship 
  • Allowing residents to be informed about the long-term care system and providing a forum for discussing strategies for improvement
  • Promoting and encouraging activities directed at the provision of quality care and quality of life for residents

Interested in becoming part of Resident’s Council? 

Contact Client Services for more information.